Finding the Signal in the Noise

Azerai Can Tho, flagship of the Azerai collection on The Mekong Delta has a portion of the property dedicated to large format villas, essentially mansions, boasting luxury features from movie theaters to a helicopter landing-pad. The mansions were rarely booked. Azerai’s Head of Marketing felt they were not positioned correctly and sought data insight to make the case to ownership to shape a new Villa strategy. 

Azerai Can Tho

Data Mining, Data Analysis

She hired Advant to conduct a detailed investigation into key competitors in the space, to gauge who was doing things well, who badly. With a sense that online guest reviews were an untapped data trove, we proposed a “voice of the customer” study for a deep data dive.  

Our coding team wrote custom scripts for a series of Natural Language Programming algorithms relayed to Tableau that scraped the relevant information from approximately 10,000 Tripadvisor reviews of our selected competitors.  

In a bespoke analysis, we deriving our own KPIs around the frequency and recentness of reviews (not data that is displayed on TripAdvisor). We determined a measure of engagement. We then got into audience analysis, including nationality, age, and traveler-type, couples, families. Using NLP word analysis, we broke down their commonalities and differences.  

At that point, theorizing what made a given property unique and successful was supported by insights pulled from the data, quickly isolating the elements that really matter. In itself that led us to more efficient qualitative analysis when looking at things like Facebook posts or actual photos that support our findings.

We described the process as finding the signal in the noise, to use the Nate Silver phrase.  

The deliverable was a market study, including an executive summary that laid out our analysis of the client’s opportunities and potential threats. A clear description our methodology supported the data’s credibility.

We turned the whole project around within a week and a half. The report fed into a board presentation delivered by the Head of Marketing, which resulted in a whole remarketing plan for the Villas.