Your Front Desk is Online

Hotels have many third-party partners, from OTAs to travel agents. Advant works to channel a hotel’s “first party,” direct engagement, toward monetary outcomes. Having used social media to drive prospects along the funnel from stranger to engager, the next natural step is monetizing. At Advant, we know that takes finesse. 


Data Management and Analytics, Digital Sales Desk

Whether 24-7, or open standard hours, our unified Live Chat platform will handle real-time customer queries from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and website, as well as email and text. But then monetizing that moment requires an agent effective at turning a query into a sale.  

When it succeeds, it’s because the agent is aligned with the marketing product, in both training and incentives.

Advant trains its chat agents on all Frequently Asked Questions. For instance, when we developed a Pilates package for a client hotel, agents knew the pricing, the instructor, the vibe, even the health & safety details.

A good chat product doesn’t run off engagement, but rather drives engagement. 

As part of our setup process, our in-house professionals lay out a scope of work and performance metrics; set chat hours; create topic calendars; identify what types of requests are likely to come in, and get sign off on how agents should respond, and when things should be escalated.

On the reporting side, we track the number of messages that come in and the conversations generated. Every single chat is tagged by key topics and can be broken down by notes so we can track how frequently topics show up. And of course, the sales information: who sold what, and what was the path to it.

This pie chart shows engagement viewed by total number of interactions: active leads, leads lost, leads converted to confirmed reservations with payment received. We can also look by revenue source. What types of revenue did we drive? Was it room bookings, events, food & beverage? Was it specific to villas? It’s all broken out so that hotels can review the final data, while we handle what happens behind the scenes. 

Using chat as a medium for revenue is itself rare. But such an integrated solution as we provide may be unique. These numbers represent hotels operating at 30% occupancy. Consider the revenue possibilities at 80% occupancy, and Live Chat looks very attractive.